Does Medicare Prescription D coverage exclude me from qualifying for Patient Assistance for Sculptra. For the last number of months it didn't. Now have have been turn down. Income still the same, I'm on Social Security Disibility now for about 10 years. Medicare so I understand does not cover Sculptra nor does my Drug Company. Do you have any sugestions on how to get re accepted? Also I am well under the $40 a year amt.


Medicare Part D does no cover Sculptra so it should not disqualify you for the patient assistance program. We have consistently been getting approvals for Sculptra through the Dermik patient assistance program and have not seen any recent changes. The forms need to be filled out properly and will be kicked back if there is anything missing. We also called the patient assistance program staff and they report no changes in the guidelines from their end.

Also, any denials will be accompanied by a note of explanation for the reason the application was rejected. If the staff at your doctors office is not able to rectify the problem ask them to contact my office and we will try to help with the problem.

I hope that this information helps and best of luck to you!