Counterfeit Form of Serostim Discovered

Treatment Alert

Recently Serono became aware of a counterfeit form of Serostim, a product that has been approved for the treatment of wasting. Presently most of the reports have come from California. The counterfeit product was neither produced nor distributed by Serono.

The counterfeit product is being packaged to look like the real Serostim drug. To date, all reports have involved lot number MNK612A. However, the counterfeit product is distinguishable from the authentic Serostim.

Serono has informed the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Office of Criminal Investigation (FDA). Serono has also shared this information with wholesalers, pharmacists and physicians prescribing Serostim in an effort to prevent patients from receiving the counterfeit product.

Anyone concerned that they may have received the counterfeit product should call Serono's product information group at 1-888-275-7376.