Cough right in my face


Hi, Dr. Frascino. First of all...I think it is GREAT that you take all these questions and get back to people like us. I just recently had a person cough RIGHT in my face without warning. I was very close to her at the time...enough to "feel the breeze" in my eyes when she coughed. If she was HIV positive could it have been transmitted at this time? What if she had blood mixed in with her saliva? I mean nothing was visible to me...on my face etc that there was blood, but still I am concerned. I don't even recall my face feeling "wet" but just with the close range I am concerned. For HIV to be transmitted through the eyes does there have to be a decent amount of blood introduced?



Your HIV-acquisition risk from being coughed on and "feeling the breeze" is exactly zero! Yep, that's right: zero, zip, nada, nothing, bupkis!

Now stop worrying and go wash all the snot, boogers and goobers off your forehead. It's a bad fashion statement.

Dr. Bob