what is the correct dosage for ALUVIA 200/50MG as PEP TREATMENT


I was given 30 Aluvia 200/50MG tablets as a PEP treatment to take once daily prescribed by a doctor. what confuses me is all the information online as to what the correct dosage of this tablet is. I found a lot of sites saying that the dosage should be twice a day. Can anyone give me a proper answer as to what is the correct dosage and why are there different dosage amounts given for this PEP. Dankie


Hello and thanks for posting.

Kaletra/Alluvia has a few different pill size and dosing strategies. It can either be dosed once- or twice-daily. Once-daily is not recommended for pregnant women or people who have certain viral drug resistance patterns.

For PEP, it's dosed once daily. The total daily dose is 800/200 mg a day- so if you have the 200/50 mg tablets, that's 4 tablets once daily.

I hope that's helpful, BY