What is the correct answer about living with hiv?


Hi! This is very good forum.I have already found many useful answers to my questions. Thanks! However, I still can't find peace regarding life expectancy for people living with hiv. My friend tested positive in August, he's doing good and there is no need for him to be on meds yet. He is totally calm about his diagnosis and says, he is ready for everything, what is going to happen with him. Unfortunately I'm not so calm. He is very close friend to me and I'm wondering about the following:

  1. Is there any possibility to predict how this infection will go? I read many stories about people living with hiv. Some of them doing great even 25 years after diagnosis. But some despite the fact that they eat healthy, exercise, visit doctor on regular basis and take their meds, at some point find out that they drug regimen is not working anymore, which leads to other infections or cancer.
  2. The other question - Is my friend reacting normal to his diagnosis? He says, it took him three days to get over this news.
  3. And what about long-term plans for him? I know that he wants children. Will he be able to raise them? Or is it a bad plan for someone who is living with hiv? I hope you will find time to answer my question! Best wishes!


The devil is in the details here about HIV status and outcome. You don't indicate what his current age, CD4 count and HIV viral load are, or whether he has any other ongoing medical conditions requiring treatment. In general, people who are recently diagnosed with HIV infection, are in good health otherwise, and start HIV medications to maintain immune function are doing very well and should be able to remain healthy for many years. Everyone approaches the diagnosis of HIV infection differently. Some people have better coping skills than others. Thus, it is hard to comment on how someone might be reacting. Yes, it is possible for someone with HIV infection to have children and raise them as well.