May 2014

So, for a few weeks I've been enjoying the company of a wonderful soul who in such a short time has changed my life in more ways than one. His name is Corey. I met him at a random trip to Starbucks on 7th and Peachtree Midtown.

When I walked into the coffee shop escaping the scorching "HOTlanta" summer heat, Chris, a mutual friend of ours was sitting conducting his usual business. I've known Chris for some years now when he was the owner of a risqué boys' bar simply called "WET" and currently revamped his vision into a club called "FUTURE." We chatted about life and its liberties and the inevitable shade it can throw. That's when he walked in along with another friend, Corey. I was instantly taken by his presence. Something within me felt rejuvenated. Corey and I conversed as if no one else was in the room. His smile grabbed me and the Chicago native wasn't too bad to look at either. Especially with his glasses and y'all know I love me a sexy geek! An hour later, thanks to the jean shorts that grab everyone's attention, I conjured up the courage to ask Corey for a furthering of our newborn connection. He walked me halfway home like the gentleman he is and on Ponce De Leon Avenue and Peachtree Street our numbers were exchanged. He made my stomach flutter with butterflies and I haven't felt this way in a long time. I too can sense he was feeling the same about me and when he turned away to head back the opposite direction my gratitude excelled.

A week later ...

On a Sunday, I'm at my villa getting ready for Cocktails and Conversation, an event I was invited to via Facebook that I'd been looking forward to when I receive a phone call. It was Corey! I couldn't believe he'd called me. I was ecstatic to hear from him. He asked if I was free to accompany him for lunch and drinks later. I accepted the invitation and headed out into the Midtown day life and blazing sun looking fabulous of course.

When I arrived to the Renaissance Hotel, I walked upstairs to the location of C&C when I was surprised to discover a photo shoot was being conducted. Obviously, I read the invite wrong and checked to be sure at the front desk. There I met a brown skin young lady with a beautiful smile. She greeted me and of course paused to comment on how much she liked my brown suede ankle cowboy boots I purchased from California three years prior. She reaffirmed my suspicions and as I'm walking outside I called Corey to give him the green light on our rendezvous.

After returning home to change out of my sweat-drenched clothes, Corey calls struggling to get to me. My place is easy yet complex to get to with all of the loops and what-have-you, so I motioned outside to direct him to me. Five minutes later, he arrives in his Honda Accord smiling that smile and relieved. When we arrived to El Ponce Mexican Restaurant and Cantina formerly know as Azteca, we make our way over to the outside sitting area and shielded ourselves from the unkind Sun, you know chocolate melts, and here we both were staring into each others' eyes and carrying on conversation when our waiter arrives. The World Cup was on every television set inside yet we were intrigued with one another's company so of course we didn't watch it instead we had a World Cup of our own but that's later on this post. We ordered flavored margaritas with tequila and he had his homemade Long Island iced tea with him. While eating our salsa and chips, Corey talked about his life in Chicago and I shared stories of mine in Gainesville, Florida. We also discussed politics, arts, culture, life and everything in between, which was truly refreshing and invigorating. I was having mental orgasms back-to-back just from listening candidly to his science he was feeding me. Our orders arrive and the both of us weren't afraid to eat! He made a few joke only intellects would get and again that smile of his had me on cloud nine. It had been years since I've went on an actual date -- especially one I enjoyed. The cantina was beginning to grow crowded with soccer fans and so I expressed my invite back to my villa to continue our connecting.

Opening my door, Corey was immediately impressed with my place and the artwork surrounding us. I told him to get comfortable while I set up for a movie. The next thing I knew I unexpectedly was placed onto the doorway of my bathroom, man-handled if you will, by Corey and his lips met mine. It felt nice for someone else to initiate for a change. I know what you're thinking reader -- chile you knew this was coming -- but, to be honest, I didn't or at least it wasn't something I'd planned. Instantly, I found myself feeling a longing for affection being fulfilled by someone who was equally passionate and willing to express how he felt. His kiss felt familiar yet it was brand new and he was new. Corey picks me up and carries me to my bed. Between my legs, Corey leans over to continue kissing me when I stopped him.

"Before we take this further, I have to tell you something about me, I'm HIV positive." I knew telling him prior to the fire would be best. He pierces into my eyes and says:

"Thank you for telling me," he says while glancing into my eyes. He kisses me softly.

This turned him on even more. Honesty is always the best policy. Some would disagree with the statement I just made, however, I wanted him to have a choice in the matter. I didn't want to be selfish and take it away from him and because of it his passion for me overflowed. While our clothes lay on the floor our feet were off the ground enjoying the fruit of our labor. This wasn't a fuck. This was something else. Something much more fulfilling. Let's just say he's a grown man who knows what to do and does it very well!

Four hours and three orgasms later, Corey and I lay in our juices and love funk watching Halle Berry in Frankie and Alice while glowing like the last Christmas light show.

"I love your gap by the way, I think it's beautiful."

For the longest I was insecure about it and considered closing it up until recently when I just began accepting it. Apparently in African cultures gaps are consider coveted beauty.

"What is it about my gap you like?" I asked.

"People can buy fake everything, breast, lips, noses...but you can't fake a gap. It's unique and it's cute on you, too."

My eyelids grew heavier and heavier and then comes the snoring.

"That's my cue," said Corey. It was 11 p.m. and he had to go to work in a few hours. So he lay with me a few minutes more, got dressed and made his way out the door. Still nude, I walk him to my door and kissed his lips thanking him for the day we spent. It felt right and I wanted more. Trust me, the sex is mind-blowing, however, it wasn't the main topic on the table nor was it the focus. You see, when you stimulate me mentally the physical follows and he definitely did just that. No questions asked. I watched him pull off from my window nestled in my blanket accompanied by a big smile on my face. He has single-handedly given me the utmost pleasure on and off my feet I'd experienced. And no this isn't the last entry with him, this is a beautiful beginning and I cant wait to write more about the adventures we will create.

Stay tuned, loves ...