Core List of Sources on AIDS and HIV: Books

from HIV/AIDS Information: Putting the Pieces Together Workshop Manual

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Huber, Jeffrey T. How to Find Information about AIDS. 2nd ed., Harrington Park Press; Haworth Press, 1992. 288p. general/geographic indices ISBN 0-918393-99-X $14.95 (pb) ISBN 1-56024-140-3 $29.95 (hb) An easy-to-use directory. Includes service organizations, government agencies, education centers, research and funding institutions, hotlines, electronic, audiovisual and print resources.

Flanders, Stephen A. and Carl N. Flanders. Library in a Book: AIDS. Facts on File, 1991. 248p. appendices index ISBN 0-8160-1910-X $22.95 (hb) A good introduction to general AIDS research. Part one is a narrative and chronologic overview of AIDS. Part two includes research instructions, an annotated bibliography and a listings of organizations and associations.

History/Politics/Legal Issues

Shilts, Randy. And the Band Played On. St. Martin's Press, 1987. 630p. index ISBN 0-312-00994-1 $24.95 (hb) The preeminent study of the early years of AIDS. This comprehensive history contrasts the efforts of those who struggled to warn of the dangers of AIDS with those who placed personal, political and economic expediency ahead of the public welfare.

Arno Peter S. and Karyn L. Feiden. Against the Odds; The Story of AIDS Drug Development, Politics and Profits. HarperCollins, 1992. 314p. index ISBN 0-06-018309-8 $23.00 (hb) Analytical and readable, this study of the search for drugs to fight AIDS chronicles both the failures of the FDA and drug development companies in responding to this crisis and the advances made through the efforts of individual and community activists.

Rubenstein, William et al ed. The Rights of People Who Are HIV Positive: The Authoritative ACLU Guide to the Rights of People Living with HIV Disease and AIDS. Southern Illinois University Press, 1996. 384p. appendices ISBN 0-8093-1992-6 $ 34.95 (pb) Written by staff at the ACLU this is part of a series of handbooks on individual rights. Written for non-lawyers it covers the legal issues pertinent to living with HIV disease, discrimination, and HIV disease in special settings including schools and prisons. There are helpful appendices including a simple but thorough overview of the legal system and what a lawyer can do.


Cotton, Deborah and Watts, D. Heather ed. The Medical Management of AIDS in Women. Wiley-Liss, 1997. 466p. index ISBN 0-471-07674-0 $89.95 (hb) A comprehensive medical overview of the disease in women. Sections are Epidemiology, Transmission, and Pathology, Natural History of HIV Infection in Women, Management of HIV Infection in Women, and Prevention of HIV Infection in Women. Several chapters deal with pregnancy. Specific chapters are included on different opportunistic infections, legal issues and substance abuse.

Kloser, Patricia. The Woman's HIV Sourcebook. Taylor, 1994. 170p. ISBN 0-87833-863-2 $12.95 (pb) This practical guide focuses primarily on the medical, legal, social and personal issues specific to HIV-positive women, but also provides valuable prevention information for all women.

Rudd, Andrea and Darien Taylor, ed. Positive Women: Voices of Women Living with AIDS. Second Story Press, 1992. 269p. illus. ISBN 0-929005-30-9 $14.95 (pb) An international collection of writings by women living with HIV. The diverse, intimate stories appear as narratives, letters, poetry, interviews, journal entries and artistic images. Powerful and inspiring.

Women, AIDS, and Activism. Act Up/New York Women and AIDS Book Group, 1992. 300p. appendix, index. ISBN 0-89608-393-4 $9.00 (pb) ISBN 0-89608-394-2 $25.00 (hb) (Spanish edition available.) A comprehensive analysis of the issues surrounding women and AIDS. A "tool for empowerment", this is both a reflection of the experiences of women and a guide for political action.


Kittredge, Mary. Teens with AIDS Speak Out. Julian Messner, 1991. 119p. glossary appendix index ISBN 0-671-74543 $8.95 (pb) ISBN 0-671-72610-2 $12.98 (hb) Teens living with AIDS tell their own stories; how they became infected, what living with HIV is like, what other teenagers need to know to protect themselves. Touching and informative.

Merrifield, Margaret and Heather Collins. Come Sit by Me. Women's Press, 1990. 30p. illus. $6.95 Set in a day care center with diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds, this story (written for children 4 to 8 and their caregivers) stresses that knowledge, compassion and communication are key elements in dealing with HIV/AIDS. Well written and illustrated, this is a good example of how AIDS education should work.

Wiener, Lori S. comp. Be a Friend; Children Who Live with HIV Speak. Albert Whitman, 1994. 40p. illus. ISBN 0-8075-0590-0 $13.95 (hb) In these writings and drawings, children with HIV and AIDS give vivid insight into their hopes, fears, emotions and daily lives.

Living With HIV

Bartlett, John G. and Ann K. Finkbeiner. The Guide to Living with HIV Infection. Johns Hopkins Univ., 1996. 3rd ed. 337p. glossary index ISBN 0-8018-4194-1 $15.95 (pb) A complete resource addressing, specifically and in detail, the medical, legal and emotional aspects of living with HIV.

Rimer, Robert A. HIV-Positive Working the System. Alyson, 1993. 236p. ISBN 1-55583-208-3 $12.95 (pb) In this lively handbook, two AIDS activists -- one of whom is HIV-positive -- give practical advice on how to deal effectively and proactively with the medical system.

Siano, Nick. No Time to Wait. Bantam Books, 1993. 367p. ISBN 0-553-37176-2 $12.95 (pb) This comprehensive, accessible guide provides those living with HIV with the practical knowledge and skills needed to make educated, informed decisions, take charge of their health and live in hope.

Medical Texts

Cohen, P.T. ed. The AIDS Knowledge Base. 2nd ed. Little Brown, 1994. table of contents illus. index ISBN 0-316-77067-1 $125.00 (hb) This textbook on HIV disease from the University of California, San Francisco and the San Francisco General Hospital is a comprehensive reference on the medical, legal, economic and prevention education aspects of HIV/AIDS. It is also available on-line and in CD-ROM format. A new edition will be forthcoming in late 1997 or early 1998. Finished sections are available on the Internet.

Sande, Merle A. and Volberding, Paul A. ed. The Medical Management of AIDS. 5th ed. Saunders, 1997. bibliographic references, index ISBN 0-7416-6908-5 $59.00 (hb) Written primarily for clinicians, this is a comprehensive overview of the biology and epidemiology of HIV. It will be useful to those without a medical background as a reference book. Includes a chapter on alternative therapies for HIV.

Petrow, Steven ed. The HIV Drug Book. Pocket Books, 1995. illus. index, appendices ISBN 0-671-53518-8 $18.00 (pb) Created by Project Inform, a San Francisco based AIDS Service Organization. An illustrated guide to the most commonly used drugs to treat HIV and opportunistic infections. Each drug profile has the brand name; type of drug; what it is used for; general information; either treatment, prevention or maintenance regimen depending on drug; cautions and warnings; side effect; information for women who are pregnant or breast feeding; use in children and the elderly; drug interactions; food interactions; and other drugs used for the same condition. The second edition should be available by late 1997 or early 1998.

Standards of Care

The two standards of care listed below are written (and updated regularly) in an attempt to help ensure that those living with HIV are getting a minimum of care to maximize quality and length of life. They are presented in an easy-to-read format that present treatment options in conjunction with specific T cell levels.

HIV Adult Standard of Care. Published by ACT UP Philadelphia, 201 S. Camac Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107. Free publication. A copy of the most recent edition can be obtained by writing ACT UP Philadelphia or by writing/calling/faxing/e-mailing The Library at The AIDS Information Network, 1211 Chestnut Street, 7th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19107. Telephone: (215) 575-1110 (voice), (215) 575-1125 (TTD), (215) 575-1123 (fax) or (electronic mail).

ACT UP Philadelphia's Standard of Care In Spanish. Published by The GALAEI Project, 1233 Locust Street, 3rd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19107. Free publication. A copy of the most recent edition can be obtained by writing or calling GALAEI (215) 985-3382 (v) (215) 985-3388 or by contacting The Library at The AIDS Information Network.

Additionally, there are two treatment guidelines for HIV/AIDS. Published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National AIDS Clearinghouse, PO Box 6003, Rockville, MD 20849-6003. Copies of these guidelines can be obtained by calling the CDC (800) 458-5231.

Revised Guidelines for the Use of Antiretroviral Agents in HIV-infected Adults and Adolescents, [updated June, 1998]. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation sponsored the Panel on Clinical Practices for the Treatment of HIV Infection. The HHS Panel was charged with developing recommendations, based on the scientific principles, for the clinical use of antiretroviral drugs and laboratory monitoring methods in the treatment of HIV-infected individuals.

1997 USPHS/IDSA Guidelines For the Prevention of Opportunistic Infections in Persons Infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus . A guideline for the prevention of opportunistic infections in persons infected with human immunodeficiency virus MMWR 1997;46(No. RR-12) or Annals of Internal Medicine 15 November 1997. 127:922-946.

Safer Sex

The Institute For Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. The Complete Guide to Safer Sex. Barricade Books, 1992. 252p. glossary ISBN 0-942637-58-5 $6.95 (pb) A truly complete guide to the physical and psychological aspects of safer sex. The chapters on "Children, Preteens and Teenagers" and "How To Create A Safer Sex Lifestyle" are excellent.

Silverstein, Charles and Felice Picano. The New Joy of Gay Sex. Harper/Collins, 1992. 256p. illus. ISBN 0-06-016813-7 $30.00 (hb) and Comfort, Alex. The New Joy of Sex. Crown, 1991. 253p. illus. index ISBN 0-517-58583-9 $30.00 (hb) These new editions of the original bestsellers are updated to address concerns about safer sex. Text is detailed and explicit; illustrations are informative and entertaining.

Death and Dying

Froman, Paul Kent. After You Say Goodbye; When Someone You Love Dies of AIDS. Chronicle Books, 1992. 270p. appendices ISBN 0-8118-0088-1 $10.95 (pb) An empathetic, personal guide to the emotional, practical, spiritual and political aspects of an AIDS related loss. Part one deals with the emotions of grief; part two with AIDS specific grief.

Donnelly, Katherine Fair. Recovering from the Loss of a Loved One to AIDS. St. Martin's Press. 1994 252p. index ISBN 0-312-11050-2 $22.85 (hb) Not a guide but a series of interviews with people who have lost someone dear to them. Individual stories of loss and recovery from grief are related. All groups of grievers are included, lovers, parent, spouses, siblings, friends, children, and hidden grievers. The second section is a directory of helping agencies.


Brown, Marie Annette and Gail M. Powell-Cope. Caring for a Loved One with AIDS; The Experiences of Families, Lovers, and Friends. University of Washington, 1992. 64p. illus. ISBN 0-295-97183-5 $4.95 (pb) Based on a wide variety of experiences, this small book is a conversational guide to meeting the needs of both caregivers and those living with AIDS. A good introduction to the issues of caregiving.

Greif, Judith. AIDS Care at Home: A Guide for Caregivers, Loved Ones, and People with AIDS. John Wiley, 1994. 360p. ISBN 0-471-58468-1 $17.95 (pb) A comprehensive source of medical, psychological and nutrition information combined with practical advice for day-to-day living, this guide focuses on the daily routines and unique concerns that are essential to quality at-home care for people with AIDS.