was convinced i had primary hiv thru oral. tested -


its not a question more a little stroy. i had an unprotected blow job off a hooker last apr 18th. i didnt tell my girl about it coz i thought there was no danger of std's. then i found out that u can catch nasty sh=t, even aids. few weeks after this i started noticing rahes on the trunk of my body, of course i jumped online and searched for hiv symptoms. and there they all were, swollen lymph nodes, check. rashes check. i was convinced i was experiencing the effects of primary hiv infection. theres only one way to finally underline the overwhelming anxiety that i was experiencing, and that was a trip to the gum clinic. 12 weeks after risky blowy of course. a tense 7 hours waiting for my hiv test results...and woohoo -. but somehow i convinced myself that i had all the symptoms, an given my girl hiv. i was contemplating suicide and all sorts man. so its jus a msg from me saying try an chil, an jus bite the bullet and get tested. calvin , north wales.



Thanks for taking the time to write in and share your story. Hopefully it will help others who are similarly "convinced" they have HIV when in reality they do not.


Be well. Stay well.

Dr. Bob