I convinced my body I had HIV


I have been through the "ringer" this past week. I actually convinced myself I had HIV and in response, my body started showing syptoms. I got a urinary tract infection after vigorous protected sex and went to the ER to get medication. The doctor thought it was odd I had trouble sitting down and suggested it was more than a UTI. He asked if I had been tested for herpes and HIV, which I said no to. I had unprotected sex with this guy one night, and as I recalled this memory I started to FREAK OUT.Suddenly what I was convinced was a UTI(and I get them a lot, I should know the symptoms) turned into thrush in my mind. The next day I noticed a bump on my anus and went back to the ER. It was an anal fissure, which in reality was caused by a por diet and excessive diahrea the night of my UTI infection. Well, another doctor told me this was a symptom of HIV and asked if I had anal intercourse often. NO, I DON'T, but this messed with my head. I scheduled testing and was a mess the few days after. I was on the internet 24/7 freaking myself out with all these websites about fissues and HIV. I was a reck, I started to think I had thrush in my mouth and lesions on my arm. I thought my vision was going. The cramps that were really do to PMS were signs of PID. My body was on such an overdose I developed tingling all over. This scared me even more and I thought this was yet another symptom. Today I left in the middle of school to get my results and they are NEGATIVE! After 16 weeks with my encounter. What a terrible trauma. PLEASE people, don't put yourself through this. Don't look on the internet and freak yourself out. The mind is a very strong force. Now, that I know I am negative I feel FINE! The symptoms are gone and the fissure is dissapearing. If you have any fear, get tested and go on with your life, I am so thankful I have another chance, but in reality, I put myself through a needless hell. Also, believe it when they say NEGATIVE! Don't keep telling yourself you have HIV symptoms. The body is strange and imperfect, but above all it can trick you when you are at your most vulnerable! Take care of yourself and protect yourself at all times, you are the one in charge of your life!



WOO-HOO and congratulations!

Another case of "symptoms" miraculously resolving once the HIV test result turns out to be negative. Gosh, I just love miracles! Don't you?

Stay safe. Stay well.

Dr. Bob