Contest: Write a Poem About HIV/AIDS and/or Hepatitis C and Win a Gift Card of Your Choice

Contest Details:

Write a poem related to dealing with your HIV/AIDS and or Hepatitis C diagnosis, and also opened to someone who has been affected by HIV/AIDS and/or Hepatitis C. Your poem will be posted to the RiseUpToHIV blog at and promoted throughout various social media outlets.

Contest begins 9/24/2012 and runs through November 1st. 2012.

Winners will be announced on Nov 10th. The winners will be selected taking into account the number of facebook likes your poem receives on the blog (40 percent) and 5 judges who will judge each poem (60 percent). The winners will be notified by November 11th, and gift cards of your choice will be e mailed or mailed on November 12h.

PRIZES: 4 prizes will be awareded: 150.00 gift card of your choice for the grand prize winner, 75.00 to the runner up, 50.00 to the 2nd runner up, 25.00 to the 3rd runner up.

E mail your poem to with any graphics or pictures you want to include (not mandatory) -- poems will be posted on this blog . Not EVERY poem will be submitted for entry into the contest. Poems that get posted will be at the discretion of RiseUpToHIV.

Rules are subject to change.

A sample is a poem I wrote soon after my diagnosis of HIV and Hepatitis C in March/April of 2010 and a poem submitted by another individual.


March 3rd, 2010 -- you have HIV
One month later: you have Hepatitis C
Who me?
How could it be?

During this month a part of me had slipped away
Hope and dreams began to fade
Days ahead were looking bleak
I never been this weak

When things aren't going quite your way
It is easy to go astray
To disguise your fears
To flee from everyday

I've decided not to runaway
I took a step back
Took a look around
And will keep on my way

The days are not yet lost
My dreams are still to be
With strength, hope, and courage
Life will go on another day

This journey of discovery
Bound for up's and downs
I'm determined to stay focused
And stand my ground

As the sun shines, and the ocean waves
A new dawn is on the way
A better light than what was to be
Will hover over me

When that day is achieved
Hope will have prevailed
Dreams will be unveiled
And life will go on another day

by: Kevin Maloney

Also check out a poem titled "Red Rise" by a friend James Anthony (not part of contest)