contaminated HIV blood in an apple, possible to infect?


Dear Mark,

Say for example there's an apple and it was contaminated with a drop of fresh blood with hiv inside. The apple was injected with hiv blood about a day ago someone was messing around. Then somebody consumed that apple a day later. And the person had bleeding gums. So the bleeding gums made contact with the drop of blood. Is there a possibility that the person is at risk of contracting hiv due to this or not? I always wanted to know this question. Its always puzzled me this sort of question due to the apple would be airtight like a stringe right or wrong so it still can infect especally with the bleeding gum once both make contact? or will the salvia or apple acid delute the blood or is there not enough of blood to infect etc. Or no way its airtight and can't infect etc.

Please can you answer this question.

Thanks, Emma.


Hello Emma,

"Hello Mark"??? Who's that??? Emma, something tells me you've been submitting your question to multiple forums, trying to get a response, right? Yep, I thought so. Emma, sweetie, when you have a question about poisoned apples, you're probably better off trying to contact a Web site that deals in fantasy or fairy tales. Didn't Sleeping Beauty fall under the spell of a cursed apple? And how about that equally crazy story about Adam and Eve and the apple?

So, as you can probably guess, I'm indirectly telling you your question is totally whacked. Yep, looney tunes! By the way, what's a "stringe?"

Emma, if you really have these types of irrational fears, you need to consider contacting a shrink, OK?

Be well.

Dr. Bob (not Mark)