Contact with Dried Blood


Dear Nancy,

 Today, I used a public women's restroom at my college.  After I finished, I noticed a light pinkish or light red stain on the seat where I sat that appeared to be dried blood.  I know that HIV can't typically be transmitted via public restrooms, and it would seem that I would have even less reason to worry, since I have no cuts or abrasions on my legs, but I'm still worried that there is a risk.  Is it possible that it could have gotten on my vaginal area if the part of my clothes that touched my leg(which touched the stain) also accidentally touched my vaginal area? 

Should I worry even if the substance was dry? I know this may seem paranoid and I know that you have addressed questions similiar to this, but I'm very worried about this. Please, can you offer any insight as to how likely an HIV infection would be in this situation, given all these factors?


You're right. You've answered your own question. There is no risk of transmission in this scenario. Please read the section of this website that describes conditions necessary for transmission to take place. I assure you, you'll feel better.