constipation with bleeding


dear Doc,

first I want to thank you for the time you take to answer thease questions .second,my question is does HIV cause constipation with bleeding ,and is this a signe of Kaposi sarcoma? for your information I am not on any treatments yet since I have been diagnosed positive three months ago.I have constipation and bleeding now more than 3 weeks..

please can you tell me what is the treatment for such a case because I have seen my doc. and he told me just go to any chemist and buy a laxative ,,without taking the condition seriouse and without examining me,,I am really suffering and I need your help in this .

Many thanks to you in advance.


The most common cause for constipation with bleeding is hemorrhoids. KS can cause some blood loss but it doesn't cause constipation. An examination will findout whether you have either internal or external hemorrhoids, or if there is another cause of your problem. You can try stool softeners like DSS and/or fiber tablets and suppositories sold over-the-counter for hemorrhoids. If that doesn't work, then go back to your doctor and insist on aproper exam,or find another doctor who will take your concerns seriously.