Constant Stress


Hello, I'm a 20 year okd male who's been having constant anxiety about this whole possibility of hiv situation. About 10 months ago i had an unprotected sexual encounter that lasted for about 30 minutes. Me and the girl did not have insetive sex but we were sort of "grinding" on each other's parts or whatever unclothed. Fast forward to 2 months later, I performed oral sex on another female for 5 minutes with NO ejaculation. After this incident, i began to feel a lump in the back of my throat and serious anxiety,so i went in for a mouth swab rapid hiv test the 2nd week of January.(which came back negative). OK, so 11.5 weeks after first incident the test is negative,and 4 weeks after the 2nd(oral sex) incident; the test says negative. BUT, the first week of march comes,and im feeling tired all the time, and I develop a persistent cough that lasted 6 fever,no diarrhea,no lymph node swelling,no headaches,no night sweats,nothing but a tickly cough and a loss of appetite(most likely from the worry).THEN 2 weeks after the cough subsides, i developed a dull aching sensation in my stomach that is kinda hard to ignore,also another month later, i had a weird rash on my arms and legs(pimple mosquito-like) and my stomach is still gnawing even today(6 MONTHS LATER).the rash is gone and the only symptom im having at this point is a constant stomach crampy stomach ache and a mild tickly cough! PLEASE HELP these past months have literally been the worst of my life and im a nervous wreck. I know symptoms dont always correlate with this disease,but would "grinding naked on each other's genitals"(11.5 before the neg test) ; and oral sex on female for 5 minutes(4 weeks before the neg hiv test) most likely indicate that i am indeed negative,after these symptoms of constant dull stomach ache for 6 months, mild tickly cough,and rash appeared(all symptoms appearing 4 months after sex? Or are my symptoms even common symptoms of hiv? Please help,or provide at least the slightest bit of insight in regards to my constant stomach ache ive had for the last 6 months. Thanks so much!


Your risks were extremely low. No-risk really. No testing was warranted and your symptoms are not HIV-related. If they persist check with a doctor to see what could be causing them. It is not HIV.

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