Confusion and Complete Stress over Description of Anal Sex and AIDS


I am a 30 year old gay male with very little sexual experience. I have always practiced safe oral sex and I have never had any experience with anal sex at all. However, recently a sexual partner asked me to masturbate in his butt cheek area. I began to do so when I discovered that this person had hemoroid swelling. My penis did not penetrate at all inside this person but I am quite sure that my penis did touch his hemoroid swelling as well as the outside opening of his anus for a few seconds. Since this, I am losing hours of sleep and have fallen into a serious depression. Am I at serious risk of getting the infection? I have attempted to find the answer to my situation on-line everywhere without success. I pray that you can help me.I am sure there are many others confused about Anal Sex in the sense of non-penetration this question can help as well.

Thank you.


Unless the opening at the head of your penis (the urethra) came into direct contact with infected blood or semen, I don't see how you could have been HIV infected. I am not aware of anyone having been HIV infected by touching the anus or a hemorrhoid with their penis. Gay men are generally infected through unprotected insertive or receptive anal sex, and much less frequently through giving oral sex (receptive).