Confused by Results


Hello, I have been Poznan since 1997 and while I have had a few blips over the years, I have remained less than 48 for the past several years. My most recent lab results state that I have 20 copies and 1.30 log copies. I am scared because I assume this means I am now detectable and possibly on the road to treatment failure. I haven't yet met with my dr - I can just see my results online via the patient portal. Thank you for your thoughts!


I would not be concerned. First, 20 copies and 1.30 logs are the same number expressed in different mathematical terms. With slightly newer assays, the threshold for detection has decreased from 48-50 to 20 copies/ml. The published data is controversial as to whether detectable levels of viral load above 20 copies leads to treatment failure. We get more concerned when the viral load starts to increase to 200, 500 or above that there might be a treatment failure problem.