Confused as to my HEPATITIS B CORE AB TOTAL Test Results


This is my result; REACTIVE A

I was vaccinated twice, three injections each time, in 98, and 2009* and then I got this result in my first full blood test work up.

I have NO STDs, NO Hep C, or A.

Is there a follow up test I should do from here, to further clarify whether its a false positive, and or, what my exact status is ie; carrier, acute, chronic, window, etc?

Thank you so much in advance, this was done at a free clinic and the doctor was in a rush & I forgot about the vaccinations, and, didnt want to waste her time any further.

She said in the next 6 months someone from LA County who is a Liver Specialist would give me an Ultrasound and confer further.

For Privacy, I have used my Attorney's Email. Thank you in advance for your reply.

*I didnt remember that I had the 1998 tests via a friend going through Nursing School, and, I may have only had two shots, or three , but in a compresssed time frame.


if I understand you message correctly, you are hepatitis B core reactive.

If your surface antibody is also reactive, then you had hepatitis B in the past and cleared your infection.

If your surface antigen is also reactive, then you have chronic HBV infection. If this is the case, then you need a HBV DNA test to see if your infection is active or inactive.

If only your core is positive and everything else is negative, it is probably a false positive test.