confused groin lymph node question HELP HELP


Hi i am a female and in october i slept with a guy i really no nothing about.

I no i need to test but am far to scared to as i feel like i have had all ARS symptoms.

Wk1 - lower abdominal pain (6 days after exsposure) lasted afew weeks on and off.Vaginal thrush (1 day after exsposure). (Didnt treat then).Sore throat started on day 7 and lasted weeks and weeks on and off.Wk2 - bubbly rash on wrist (day 8) lasted only afew days, cleared with e45.Treated the thrush on day 11.Cystitis on day 10.Nausea on day 13.Started to feel itchy.Sore tongue.Chronic leg pain.Waking up in the middle of night sweating not drenching bed, this lasted about 4 weeks on and off.Trouble sleeping.Feeling tired all the time.Just started to feel strange and not right.Lymph node in groin, pea sized hard lump about a cm from bikini line, this is still here today.Can't remember exact dates of symptoms but I have had them all.Tired, nausea, on day 13 & 14 & diarrhea on day 15, lasted a day.Other symptoms have been coated tongue which lasted well over a month, loss of appetite, leg pains, hot and cold chills, feeling flushed, lack of energy, runny nose that lasted months, stinging tongue, muscle aches, soft stools for weeks and weeks only had watery diarrhea on day 15 for like 2 days. Backache, twitching eye, mild on and off sore throat, sore vagina, dry skin, acne, athletes looking feet, psrissios, herpes outbreak, joint pains in wrists, headaches on and off, lumps bumps under armpits twice cant remember which weeks may 4 and 11 the lumps under arm were sore and I was able to squeeze puss out of them. I had a rash on face that lasted about 3 days it was blotchy and non itchy I think that was week 10, weight loss i even went and brought scales after someone said whats the trick to your weightloss. I took my temperture everday which is always 36c apart from i did not take it on week 2. Pigmentation patches, new moles, a discolored mark on my ankle looks like a bruise that does not hurt and has been there a month.As you can see I can write a book with my symptoms. I have had cystitis before infact I get it about twice a year after having a c section many years ago about 5. I also have yeast infections on a reg mild ones thoughand there usually before a period, but I had one a day after eexsposure note bade and then I had another at about week 5 or 6 cant remember date but it was chronic the worst I have ever had in my life and it lasted about 2 weeks.This lump (lymph node) is still here in groin and has been here ever sinceI found it on week 2. I try not to touch it now and I have gone just over a week with no poking it just brush it now and again to check.After eexsposure I was so anxious, didnt feel right in myself, felt fearful and scared all the time. I took time off work as couldn't face people and stopped seeing friends and family. I isolated myself at home.The last few weeks I can say I feel normal within myself.

From week 1 up until week 11 i had symptoms.

My lymph node in groin was ultrasound scanned in november and was 1cm and was ultrasound scanned in feburary which it has shrunk to 0.5cm.

I have never had a swollen lymph node that i have new of before so the only thing i can come up with is that i contracted hiv. As its been there through all my symptoms.

Emotionally, physically and mentally drainned.

Scared please help

Ps i had a pap smear done two days after exsposure whic came back normal with high risk hpv. Had a coloscopy done which confirmed it.

I have been tested for chlymida and gohnera both negative and i doubt i have hepitis as i had a booster jab done last year. I ordered a syphilis test on line which was negative but i dont no if the syphilis test was accurate as it was brought online.


Hi You do need to get an HIV test and a full screening for all of the other sexually transmitted infections. Your symptoms are showing that obviously something is going on. The testing guidelines for HIV are to be initially tested at 3 weeks post exposure and then again at 90 days. As long as there are no other exposures happened during this time frame than the results are conclusive.

You can also do a home HIV test but I highly recommend that you have your healthcare provider evaluate you.

Be well and stay safe, Shannon