Confused on how chlamydia is transferred? I have found nothing on being eaten out, but I think I could have contracted it that way.


Can you get chlamydia from being eaten out or fingered? If he touches himself and fingers me right after, could I get chlamydia that way. I am asking because my boyfriend was diagnosed with chlamydia. I need to be sure of how these things transfer for the future. I usually wouldnt be worried , but I keep getting UTI's and I have a strong vaginal odor, and lower back and pelvic pain. I am going to the doctor as soon as I can, but until then could you clarify how this is transmitted and give me a risk assessment? If I can't get chlamydia this way, why would I continue to get uti/bladder infection?


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If your boyfriend was masturbating himself, got infected fluids on his fingers and then immediately put those fingers inside of you, then transmission of Chlamydia would be possible. However, it is usually transmitted during unprotected vaginal, anal, or oral sex.

A UTI is not always sexual transmitted, so it's possible that what you are experiencing is not an STD, but based on your symptoms a visit to the doctor is most certainly in order.

Check out our section on Chlamydia for more information.

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