Condoms and X-rays/ magnetic fields.


Doctor Bob, I go on hollyday, by plane, and have my condoms with me. But do they stay intact when my luggage is going in the X-rays machine (rntgen I suppose.)With "intact" I mean also without microscopical damage, weakness in structure. As I do not know what rntgen/ gamma can do. I do have my condoms with the lubricant in a metal box. More safe? I suppose, a magnetic field on the airport is safe? As if one buy condoms in a shop one also has to pass a magnetic field leaving the shop. Will you give me corrections if needed? Thank you.



Wow, you really are being careful aren't you? The airport luggage screening magnetic fields, x-rays, and other devices will not harm your condoms. So pack your rubbers without worry. ( Well, if any John Ashcroft-hired security screeners hand search your luggage, they just might confiscate your rubbers, because apparently he doesn't think anyone should be having sex. But that's another story altogether). Have a very happy and sexy holiday or, as you call it, "hollyday!"

Dr. Bob