Condoms/Airport XRay's


Can I take my condoms with me when I travel by air or are the X-Ray machines dangerous, in any way, to them?

If they are I guess I should just buy new ones everwhere I travel. Though I don't want to waste my cash IF they're safe to bring mine with me.

Thanks! chicago man.


I'm not aware of any problems associated with condoms going through x-ray machines at the airport. Just make sure that you pack them in a way that won't subject them to being crushed and abused.

A general rule of thumb: condoms should not be subjected to changes in temperature. It is best to store them in a cool place. Leaving a condom in sunlight, a wallet, or your car's glove compartment will potentially weaken the latex. Condoms that are old (check the expiration date) or that have been stepped on, crushed, discolored, or washed with your laundry should be thrown out. It's okay to put a condom in your pocket or wallet before going out. Just don't leave it in there for a long time.