I have a simple yet hard question for me. I am HIV+ and my wife is HIV-. We were looking at different condom brands and styles and I found one made by Durex whic is call Avanti Bare (Next to nothing sensation) but it is not made of latex, my wife says we cannot use anything else but latex for safety and I will like to know if that is so.

The Bare condom Description: The Avanti Bare polyisoprene condom is a revolutionary new non-latex condom material that is ultra soft and highly elastic...and gives the user a "Next-to-Nothing Feel." The Bare condoms are stretchier and have a more supple feel than latex condoms and have been dermatologically tested as suitable for use by those with latex sensitivities. It is the first new condom material available in a decade. In a user comparison of the Avanti Bare condom versus latex and polyurethane condoms.

Also if we cannot use anything else but latex, what is the best condom which offers more sensation and is resistant as well in the market, any suggestions?



Thanks for your question. I've been meaning to comment about the new Durex product, but haven't had an appropriate question to do so until yours showed up.

Durex Avanti condoms are specifically aimed at folks with latex allergy. However, they are perfectly safe for everyone. Durex Avanti condoms are made from an ultra-refined polyisoprene material. It is softer, more comfortable and reportedly easier to use than its popular predecessor, which was made with polyurethane.

Polyisoprene, polyurethane and latex have been shown in laboratory tests to be equally effective in preventing pregnancy and STDs, including HIV. Unlike latex, polyisoprene transmits body heat, which can increase sensual pressure. One very important fact is that Durex Avanti Bare Condoms are not compatible with oil-based lubricants!

Try 'em, you'll like 'em.

Dr. Bob