condom rupture but no ejaculation and PANIC and PEP


Hello. I am a guy from Brazil and last week i had a terrible accident: i went out with a guy whose hiv status i dont know. he assured that he was negative. Anyway, we did sex using condoms and i was passive. However, in the first penetration, he put a condom and just inserted his penis. there was no movements but, because it was hurting me, i asked him to stop. he did and then he started to masturbate himself while still using the condom. a little while later, he said the, while masturbating, the condom had ruptured. off course, i dont know if that was true, if the condom had ruptured inside me or later on, during the masturbation. I had no contact with his semen and i didnt see any precum. but i panic!!! we did sex after this - using condoms - but at the end i noticed a little blood while i was cleaning myself. that improved my first panic. More or less 10 hours later, i was already taking PEP (AZT+3TC+KALETRA) because of this incident and the doutbs. So, i am really scared and would like to know:

  1. What is my risk for hiv? Even if i wasnt taking PEP, what would be the odds?
  2. Does PEP really work? I have read a lot of studies that show that it does work indeed, but i am still completely scared.
  3. SHould i be worried about the posibility of some precum inside me? THANK YOU VERY MUCH! God bless you all.


Hi there:

From what you described, it doesn't sound like there was a large risk. If the condom broke while he was masturbating, then there was no risk to you. It's possible that he was lying, but hopefully he wasn't! I would not be concerned about the possibility that he might have been lying to you and therefore exposed you to some pre ejaculate.

PEP does indeed work. If taken within 24 hours (72 at the latest), it can dramatically reduce the likelihood of transmission. I hope this helps.

In health,