Condom Broke... Sexual Partner tested Positive


Dr. F, I practice safe sex all the time. I had anal sex with this guy Jan 1, 2009. (me being the top) the condom broke towards the end before the orgasm. The guy sent me a message telling me he tested HIV+ a week ago. I got so worried and got a blood HIV test which came back NEG on 2/17/09. I can not seam to calm myself down. I am very worried. I had an ulcer on my inside lip and a bad cold this week. To my understanding these are symptoms? I am going to get tested again end of march which makes it 3 months. Testing NEG now is that any good hope to a certain point after a months and half? Please advise. Thank you Dr.



Condom failure during anal sex does place you at some degree of risk for STDs, including HIV. Consequently testing outside the window period is recommended. However, it is worth noting that the insertive partner (top guy) is always at less risk than the receptive partner (bottom boy). Also, the vast majority of folks who are HIV infected will have detectable levels of anti-HIV antibody in their blood within four to six weeks after primary HIV infection. Therefore your negative six-week HIV test is extremely encouraging (but not yet definitive). I agree with your plan for a three-month test as your next step.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob