Condom broke.Chance of infection?


Thanks for reading my question. I have just returned from Thailand where during sexual intercourse my condom broke/tore. I cant remember where on the condom was broken so I cant comment on whether or not the opening was covered. I had just changed positions and all was ok. 15 to 30 seconds later i withdrew and noticed the break. What are the chances of contracting HIV from this incident? I dont seem to have any skin breaks ( to the naked eye anyway) Thanks alot I await your response.



Having a condom breakage happen to you can be an upsetting experience. It is important to remember that, according to the CDC, the majority of condom breaks do not result in HIV infection. The lack of condom use is more likely to be a factor in transmission.

The odds of transmission in one episode of UNPROTECTED vaginal sex with an infected partner are much lower than many people think. Figures for the risk of infection per episode of unprotected insertive vaginal sex with an HIV infected person are generally estimated to be less than 1%. (see "Recent Study of Per Contact Risk" If your partner was infected, your partner's viral load is likely to have an effect on transmission. If her viral load is very low/undetectable, transmission is less likely. See

The mucuous membranes of your penis being exposed to her menstrual blood may increase your risk for infection and oher factors, such as your immune response, will play a role in this as well.