Condom broke 2nd time question pllz help:(



I had a viganial intercourse with an african nigerian girl i met in a club , we started with a protected viginal intercourse until the condom broke , i was not aware that it was broken till like one minute as she asked me about it , after i remove it i saw that the condom was broken:( i felt very upset and angry, also what made the scenario worsenis that i have a red mark on the penis head looks like friction but was not bleeding or anything just a red mark that i am having for more than 3weeks before the incident

In the second morning i asked her if she can test herself and she accepted she has done hiv test with a 4th generation hov combo test with bio rad that came back negative, also hep b was negative, syphilis was negative, also midstream urine culture all was negative ,

I am only affraid that she might be within her window period if she had a previous encounterbwith someone and that is whybher test showed negative , plz tell me what are my chances of having hiv from that incident..? Do u think the red mark from friction can increase the risk of contracting hiv?? What about the hiv 4th generation i google it they say that this test is fda approved and it has the ability to detect hiv after 5 days from exposure is that correct ?? Plz advise


Hi First I have to commend you on taking charge of both yours and her health and ensuring she was tested, hopefully you yourself were tested. The risk is incredibly low with the use of the condom even with it breaking and you noticing right away. This does increase the risk some and having her test and it all coming back negative is a great sign. The area on your penis, as long as it wasn't open there is no risk of HIV transmission through that. It has to be an open area for HIV to get in. Friction does increase risk but only to the point where the friction makes an opening happen. Yes there is a possibility that she is in the window period where the test could come back negative even though she may be positive. And yes her risk increase because she is a sex worker and she has multiple partners. Your risk of not just HIV but all of the other sexually transmitted infections increases as well. So again getting her tested was a great start and hopefully you can get yourself tested as well. The window period is defined as from exposure to 90 days post exposure and as long as there are no other exposures during this time the test at 90 days will be conclusive.

Be well and stay safe, Shannon