Concern about getting HIV through a needle during blood test


Hello Dr. Bob. I know you are a busy person. I have been reading a lot on you site and kindly wnat to ask you to respond to me. I will donate $ 100.00. I cannot eat, cannot sleep, have a child...that required my attention. It is really hard for me to concentrate and live a full life... Several month ago I went to get tested for HIV ELISA and DNA prc. The results were nehative. Then, I started to frick out about possible exposure during the blood drwan procedure...I was not sleeping...was worried to death. So, I went to get my physical done - begun worried again that re-used needle was used on me. Then, I took another test at my doctors' + HIV ELISA test again. It was negaive. Now, I am still under stress and do not know how to cope with my craziness. THanks a lot Bob, I would really appreciate if you respond back to me.



You cannot acquire HIV from getting an HIV test! Needles are not reused. You are HIV negative.

I believe you accurately diagnosed your problem when you wrote ". . . I am still under stress and do not know how to cope with my craziness." You definitely need professional help with your anxiety. Your fears of being HIV infected are completely unwarranted. Counseling can help you confront and conquer these irrational worries. Your general medicine doctor should be able to give you a referral to a therapist to help in this regard.

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I hope you're soon WOO-HOOing rather than worrying.

Be well.

Dr. Bob