The People with AIDS Coalition, Houston, Inc. (PWA Coalition)

The PWA Coalition (established in 1986) is an organization of, by, and for people with HIV/AIDS (PWAs) that promotes independence and self-reliance so that PWAs may live with dignity, self-esteem, and acceptance. The coalition provides short-term crisis intervention and long-term referrals and works to create opportunities for participation in the PWA community, including public advocacy to address the needs of PWAs.


  • New Beginnings Household Restart: furniture and household goods for clients in need.

  • Milam House: temporary housing to men living with drug or alcohol addiction and HIV/AIDS.

  • Case Management Services: coordinated direct services to PWAs, including assessing and evaluating needs and monitoring referrals to other HIV service providers.

  • Childcare Services: onsite childcare for families at Thomas Street, Maya's Place, Bering Omega Community Services, and Montrose Clinic.

  • Project Open Doors: a collaborative program, targeting young females 14 to 24 years old who are HIV infected and pregnant or homeless, that offers intensive referrals to services such as food, shelter, medical care, transportation, drug treatment, job training, etc.

  • Rural Emergency Rent and Utility Assistance: Emergency vouchers for rent and utilities are available for indigent clients through a program for residents of Austin, Colorado, Walker, and Wharton Counties.

  • Project LEAP (Learning, Empowerment, Advocacy, and Participation): education and prevention program that trains HIV-infected and affected adults to serve on boards, councils, and committees involved in policymaking and advocacy on behalf of PWAs.

  • BHIVE (Be HIV Empowered): an opportunity for heterosexual PWAs to come together and share common experiences in a safe, confidential environment and to network about what they can do to live longer, healthier lives.

  • Volunteer Program: opportunities include office support, fundraising, public relations, etc.

Contact information:

Main office: 3400 Montrose, Suite 207 Houston, Texas 77006
Phone: 1-713-522-5428 or 1-800-999-0325
Fax: 1-713-522-2674

Branch offices:

  • Thomas Street Clinic: 1-713-793-4160

  • Fifth Ward Multiservice Center: 1-713-222-1873

  • Milam House 1-713-520-9248

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