Colostrum and HIV


I have heard about this colostrum and wondered if it might be benifical to someone with HIV?

Are there any side effects? I'm not on any meds right now, and my partner isn't either, but we are both so tired all the time... could this help give us a boost?


Well, just what have you heard? Colostrum is the first milk secreted at the termination of pregnancy. It contains significant lactalbumin, lactoprotein, and some maternal antibodies to help protect the newborn infant against infection. To my knowledge, it is not a treatment for either HIV or fatigue. So would it give you and your partner a "boost?" Well perhaps, if you happen to be newborns and the colostrum is from your mother!

I would suggest you guys check around on this website and with your local HIV specialists to find out what your real options are!

Good luck.

Dr. Bob