Cold Weather and Hiv/Aids?


Hi, I'm 37 Hiv+ 6 Years. Never been sick from Hiv. On Meds, and Great lab results except high Tryglycerides. My partner is 34 Hiv+ 5 years. Has been down to 49 T Cells and Fungus bacteria in his lungs. His t Cells now are around 800 and is realitvity healthy.He is on meds and has great labs now for about 3 years. My question is we live in San Antonio Texas where it is mild. We want to move to Minneapolis and was wondering if the cold weather should concern us. I heard that cold weather is hard on the immune system. Thanks for your time


As a long-term Coloradoan and HIV treater, I can say that cold weather has not seemed to cause any unusual problems among our many patients. (It is cold here in the Winter, though not as cold as in Minnesota). There are some excellent HIV treaters in the Minneapolis, though the basketball make take some adjustment. -BY