If it's a cold, where is the runny nose


Dr. Bob

I, like so many, enjoy your answers and comments thanks so much. I dropped a fifty dollar check in the mail today to Concerted Effort wish I could do more.

Quick question I think I am feeling guilty more than anything, but here goes. A month ago I cheated and rolled around in the hay with a guy of unknown HIV status. We jerked each other off and I came on his stomach. No oral sex, no anal sex, just masturbation and a lot hugging and massage. I did not come into contact with his cum, maybe precum on my hand and saliva as a lubricant - but that is it.

I took an Orasure HIV test on Monday, four weeks later, and it came back negative. Yeah. However, yesterday and today I have body aches, mild sore throat and very tender neck, front and back. No fever, no rash, no swollen nodes (just sore to the touch), but also no runny nose or coucgh. Can you have a cold without a runny nose? Please tell me this is not ARS!!!!

Thanks for your help,



Hey Jacob,

  1. Can you have a cold without a runny nose? Sure! In fact, you've got one!

  2. Please tell you this is not ARS?!? OK! This is not ARS! There. Feel better?

  3. Thanks for your donation. It may not seem like much to you, but I can assure you it can work miracles for those in need. On behalf of those who will be touched by your gift, please accept my heartfelt thanks.

  4. You think you are "feeling guilty more than anything?!?!" BINGO! I suggest you level with whomever you cheated on.

Stay safe. Stay well.

Dr. Bob