Cobra Questions (cover spouse only?)



I MAY be leaving my work. But I need these questions answered to make my decision:

  1. If I opt for Cobra, can I get only my wife covered and not me? I can save a lot that way. We need it for her still cause she's pregnant. I usually only go for regular health check ups and thats all.
  1. Does Cobra cover pregnancy? and delivery etc.?

  2. How do I get an approximate on what my cobra will cost? without getting my employer involved.




  1. Your spouse as a qualified beneficiary can elect COBRA coverage even if you don't take COBRA coverage.
  2. Since COBRA is a continuation of your health plan, the maternity benefits would be the same.
  3. The cost depends on the premium or cost of the plan. Contact your employer to get the COBRA costs. In addtion, once you leave the company, your COBRA letter will advise you of the cost to continue coverage.