CMV only or something else ?


Hi .

I have a few question . I will be very thankful if you answer .What does the result of testing means , made after two years from possible exposure .CMV IgG - 183.5 , CMV IgM - 0.195 . Is that mean that I'm infected with cytomegalovirus , or not . If it's positive , could I catch that through unprotected intercourse ? I've had one with women who is probably infected with HIV . After that I had many symptoms like pain of lymph nodes , joints , stomach ,

sore throat ,itching . I made many tests on HIV after 3,5,6,

8,18 months . All negatives . Now I'm taking aciclovir .

Symptoms gone almost completely . Is it possible that in one unprotected intercourse I saved my self from HIV and I caught CMV ? What is the best treatment for CMV ? And can I lead normal live being infected with CMV. Have sex , children ? Please tell me something .


Your blood test just show that you've been infected with CMV at some time in the past. It's a common infection, and usually causes no problems in people with normal immune systems. Old, inactive CMV infection in the past doesn't require treatment. You can indeed live a normal life and have children.