after surgery for a detached retina due to cmv-retinitis, my blod was tested in regards to possibly taking "vancyclovir", my hiv-dr., said I am cmv negative, but this after having eye-surgery, my viral load is currently undetectable and my t-cell count is 157, so am I controlling/supressing the cmv- now?


Hello and thank you for your post about cytomegalovirus.

Cytomegalovirus can cause serious disease of the eye, brain or colon (among other sites) in persons with advanced HIV disease and with low CD4 counts. With your CD4 count above 100 (but perhaps lower in the past), generally speaking, CMV complications decrease in severity.

I'm a bit unclear as to your situation. The term CMV-negative can either refer to not having virus in your system (as might be detected by PCR testing), or that you do not have antibodies to CMV. The later means that you and your immune system has never been exposed to CMV.

It's also possible that your doctor is referring to no evidence of active CMV disease in your retina (perhaps after treatment for HIV, CMV (with valganciclovir), or both.

Either way, one could surmise that there is no evidence of active CMV either in your eye or perhaps, in your blood.

Hope that helps, BY