First of all I must say that I don´t know if I´m HIV+ but I think I am as I´ve had unsafe sex about 2 1/2 years ago.

I wonder about CMV.

About 9 months ago i developed a blurred vision on my left eye and now I have developed "floaters" in the same eye and they have been there at least for 7 months. Lately it has gotten worse and it´s also spreading to my other eye. I´ve had my retina examined and photographed but my doctor couldn´t find anything that looked like an infection.

I know that CMV starts in the periphery of the retina but according to my doctor he couldn´t find anything.

What do you think Doctor? Can it be CMV without a visible infection on the retina?

Is there any other HIV-related infection that causes floaters?

Pls Answer



First of all, stop torturing yourself and get an HIV test. CMV is a risk for HIV+s if they have had prior exposure to it (a positive blood test for "CMV IgG") and if they have low T cells, most often fewer than 50. There are other eye conditions that cause "floaters", which are bits of debris in the center of the eye. They are more common as you get older (you didn't state your age). Lastly, not all eye doctors have the same knowledge base about CMV disease, so if ti turns out that you are indeed HIV+ and have low T cells, than make sure you see an eye doctor who is familiar and comfortable with the complications of HIV/AIDS.