CMV and high cd4 count


Hello Doctor , I have some vision problems ,I had my eyes checked twice and they said that is nothing to worry about , that I just need to wear glasses and that`s it. The person that infected me with HIV also had CMV and I am now very scare about having to deal with CMV . is it possible to have cmv even thou my cd4 count is over 800? when I was diagnosed my cd4 354 . Please help , I am very nervous now.


Hello and thanks for posting.

So you have a normal CD4 count and an essentially normal eye exam. That means that you have nothing to worry about with CMV. CMV only causes problems in HIVers whose current CD4 counts are very low (usually below 100).

Indeed, CMV is very common in the general population (which paradoxically is why it's a common problem in people who are diagnosed late in the disease process or don't have access to medical care and treatment).

Be well, BY