CMV and EBV -- First Exposure,long story but Small questions


  1. I read that CMV is common in USA and is often transmitted by Saliva. Can sharing of a Bottle of Coke with an infected person give me CMV or EBV?
  1. In Sri Lanka where I come from CMV/EBV is very uncommon (that's what the people who call themselves Docs here tell me). What would happen if during my trip to US I was exposed to CMV or EBV for the first time?

3.Is it possible to get CMV or EBV and develop Mono like symptoms. Because thats what I have -- hepatitis (after 10 days), chest pain, pain in ribs, muscles, appearance of a wart, moles, brownish-blackish blood clot like dots beneath the skin, sore throat, itchy and white flaky skin, headache temp. fluctuation from 98 to 99,mild night sweat on 2 days. Tested negative for Hep A,B,C,D,E. My docs are all confused as they are not able to find out what caused the HEP in the first place. Could it be CMV or EBV or HIV? Somewhere in the forum I read CMV may cause this. Could my unusual presence of a 22mm lymph node in the porta and peripancreatic region be somehow related to this? Now after a month the size of the nodes has reduced to 8mm. What does this mean?

  1. Is the test for Mono different than the ones for EBV and CMV? If so what is it called?

  2. Can a person have EBV or CMV and above symptoms but not HIV or does having any one of these EBV, CMV or Mono means HIV? I read that symptoms are common to ARS. (You answered my previous question and told me that HIV cannot cause hep in 10 days).

  3. Will DNA PCR at 7 weeks be good enough to detect if above symptoms are due to HIV?

  4. Assuming that my mystery of Hep is due to CMV or EBV ,since now I am recovering what are the repercussions of having acquired these two viruses on the rest of my life?

I mean if a normal person acquires CMV then are there any specific precautions that he has to take? Does it mean that he will definitely get Retinitis or some CMV related disease sometime or when he is old?

  1. If one experiences ARS like symptoms 3 weeks after exposure(as I did night sweat etc)and after experiencing those symptoms he gets tested and anti HIV is negative. Does it mean that those symptoms are because of something else and not HIV?

  2. Does seroconversion mean showing of symptoms?

  3. When I had acute Hep (Bill 14) my lymphocytes were 23%. Then at Bill 10 they were 39% and now after a month when Bill is 4 they are 37%. Shouldn't they have decreased substantially as the infection is healing and Bill is coming down to normal? Does this mean theres some other infection like HIV?I`m scared.

Thanks a lot. Please answer these questions and help me. I am taking print outs of all this and showing to my Docs so that we can arrive at some conclusion. They don`t know much about HIV/CMV or EBV. That's why what you say helps us plan the test strategy and future course of action.

Thanks a lot, once again.

A grateful '2 min intercourse and Jaundice' guy


CMV and EBV are common worldwide, and can be transmitted by saliva. If you had never had either infection before, you could have gotten it on your trip. Both cause a mono-like syndrome, including hepatitis and enlarged lymph nodes (that will shrink as you get better). As I told you earlier, I don't think all your symptoms can be attributed to any one cause, including HIV.

There are specific blood tests for acute EBV and CMV. There is a mono screening test that only picks up EBV. At 7 weeks, an HIV RNA test should pick up active HIV infection.

Acute HIV can look very much like mononucleosis, but is not the same thing -- so having mono due to EBV or CMV is not the same as having HIV. Seroconversion means your blood test for a specific germ has become positive. You can seroconvert in some situations without symptoms. At this point, don't worry about how fast your lymphocyte counts return to normal.