CMV and breast feeding


I had been tested +ve for IGG to CMV but -ve for IGM to CMV during my pregnancy (4th month. Again immediately after delivery I was tested +ve for IGG (with higher level level than previous one it increased from 57 to 71) to CMV but -ve for IGM to CMV. My child was also tested for CMV at the age 20 days and the result was the same as that of mine(ie, IGG +ve and IGM -ve). But my doc suggested that since the IGG level has increased the baby should not be breast fed. As there are chances of child getting infected with CMV What should I do? Can I breast feed my child? Is there any chance that my child would get CMV if I breast feed.


Your blood tests indicate infection with CMV at some time in the past. Your baby has the same blood test pattern because infants can carry their mother's antibodies for up to 12-18 months after birth, so your baby's blood tests are just reflecting your blood tests. I don't think the difference in antibody level is significant, and see no reason why you can't breastfeed your baby.