CMV to my 2 month old daughter.


I was blessed with twins (a boy and a girl) around 2 months back. Unfortunately, my son developed septicimia and succumbed to the disease after being in the hospital for a month. Recently my daughter showed some signs of blood in her stool. The investigations showed that her platelet count was low. While she was being treated for this, some further investigations (TORCH test) showed that she has symptoms of cytomegalovirus (CMV). I would like to know the seriousness of the disease and moreover the impact it can have on my 2 month old child.


I am not a pediatric infectious diseases expert, but congenital CMV can cause serious damage, including mental retardation, hearing loss and other problems. Even when there is minimal apparent damage, babies born with CMV can excrete the virus for years. There are medications for CMV-- you should make sure that a pediatric ID expert is involved in your daughter's care so that the best possible decisions can be made. Good luck!