My question concerns cluster headache treatments and how they may affect my HIV status. Last year's cycle of clusters were somewhat alleviated by Imitrex, but I had to keep an constant dose in my system for it to work. I am not on any HIV treatment yet, but suspect I will be soon. Can Imitrex use have a negative impact on any HIV drugs? Also, a nuerologist suggested trying a steroid pack at the onset of the next cluster cycle. Can these steroids have an adverse affect on my physical condition/or with any HIV meds? My latest counts were 320 CD4 and 41,000 viral load, but this number constantly alternates from 460 CD4 and 24,000 viral load. I suspect that my doc will suggest Combivir/Sustiva combo. Just wanted another opinion (other than my military doctor).


There aren't any significant interactions between Immitrex and HIV medications, to my knowledge. BY