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Hi Dr. Bob,

I am from the Philippines and am currently in the middle east, I pledge a little donation to you very early next week because I tried to do it with pay pal but it wouldn't take my card because we don't have zip codes. Anyway, your site has been extremely helpful to me and I wish we had the facilities that the US has for testing because it is a growing problem. I am hoping you got my 2 previous messages about the 3 tests I did a week apart each 10.5 years after possible exposure. It was done in a testing center in the Midwest that uses clear view either complete or stat pak, I'm unsure of which one. Can I consider my 3 negative results definitive? No chances that I'm a controller of sorts and it doesn't show up? Anyway, please do expect my 200$ donation. Thanks and best to you. Congratulations on helping all of us

Testing (Submitted Jan 31, 2011)

Sorry, I posted this on the wrong forum. Anyway, my question regarding testing is this. I had a possible exposure 10.5 years ago, I got tested 5 years ago and tested negative. However, later on, I heard that the integrity of the lab I used was actually compromised for various reasons, not all HIV related. Mostly related to accuracy of simple cancer detecting blood tests. Anyway, I started getting worried again so for the past month, I went to get a quick test 3 weeks in a row. Being 10.5 years after the exposure, is it safe to assume that 3 negative tests from either clearview complete or stat pack (I'm not entirely sure which one they use) means that. I am 100% negative? The reason I have been worried is because my wife seems to be having several immune problems such as swollen nodes maybe 5 or 6 times a year a few days at a time, she had CMV in a PAP smear and she just generally gets tired easily nowadays. My guilt drove me to the aggressive testing spree. So given my last possible exposure was 10.5 years ago and I tested negative 3 times in the last month with onemof those 2 kits, am I 100% negative?



See below. Yes, your three negative HIV tests (Clearview) 10.5 years after possible exposure are absolutely definitive and conclusive. See below.

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Stop worrying and start WOO-HOO-ing.

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Please please please I'm going nuts with guilt Feb 3, 2011

Tell me that I can consider either the clearview complete or clear view stat pak HIV 1/2 definitive and conclusive if I test negative 10.5 years after a risky exposure. Or do I still have to go to the hospital to get a real ELISA lab test? I know there are similar posts but most questions regarding rapid testing are for early detection, not for late detection. Is it okay if this is the only test taken and it is taken 10 to 10 1/2 years after the possible exposure?

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See below.

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Another follow up re clearview test 10.5years after exposure pls reply I'm so worried Feb 3, 2011


This is regarding the accuracy, how definite and conclusive is a rapid test by clear view 10.5 years after exposure supposing: 1. I am one of those unlikely and extremely rare controllers, 2. I already have AIDS and the antibodies are already almost gone? Without exaggerating, have been sleeping a couple of hours a day only for a few days straight and really haven't been sleeping much over the past few weeks. Worried I may have given something to my wife. Please reply, doc. I am getting so worried. I discussed it in length in my previous posts. On another note, my pledge to you continues, will do it as soon as I get home. I need that good karma. I really wanna start WOOHOOing but I don't know if I can consider the 3 weeks in a row as 100% definitive and conclusive. Best, The crazy nervous guy

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Crazy Nervous Guy,

A negative HIV-antibody test 10.5 years after a potential exposure is definitive and conclusive. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how. No additional HIV tests are warranted. I can't say it any more straightforwardly than that.

Regarding your specific questions:

  1. No. Please note that elite controllers control HIV plasma viral load. However, they still always test HIV-antibody positive. If they didn't, we'd never know they were controlling anything, because we would't know they were infected!

  2. No, of course not. You really are a "crazy nervous guy," aren't you?

I urge you to seek psychiatric help in controlling your anxiety and in coping with your totally irrational and completely unwarranted fears about HIV.

You should be WOO-HOO-ing, not worrying.

Thank fro your support of The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation ( In return I'm sending you my good-luck/good-health karma that you are now and will always be HIV free.

Be well. Stay well. (You are indeed "well.")

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