Circumcised Italians!?!?!


Hi my names Lisa I was born in Italy I have been reading that youre Italian and youre alss circumcised? In Italy I never seen a penis with out its skin that the real Italian way. BTW Keep Up The Good Work My Best Friend is + and I stick by him no matter what and you give him hope. In anycase I just cant belive Italians Circumcise I live in BC and even here I have never even see a circumcised penis do north american Italans circumicse whats the deal?


Hello Lisa,

Yes, I'm Italian (by heritage). Yes, I'm circumcised. Thanks for your personal survey of cut versus uncut, but chances are I've seen a few more Italian pepperonis (and sausages not to mention spicy meatballs) than you. I can assure you it is not at all uncommon for Italians and those of Italian heritage to lose their drapes!

I'm glad you and your friend have found the information here enlightening and helpful.

Happy Holidays to you both.

Dr. Bob