During a routine check it turned out in Aug 2004 that I was of HBsAg +.

Here are my test results from last year and the most recent ones performed in May 2005. I would like to understand if there is a conclusion that can be drawn from them. Could I be infected with the HBeAg negative form of the virus? Lately I started to feel a sensation of discomfort in the region where the liver is located. What should I do?

Aug 2004 results: (HBsAg positive 23.95 ref. >0.13) (Anti-HBs negative 0 ref. <5<) (Anti-HBcTotal positive) (HBeAg negative) (Anti-HBe positive) (ALAT 15 ref. 0-31) (AspAT 19 ref. 0-31)

May 2005 results: (HBsAg positive 20.79 ref. <0.13) (Anti-HBs negative 5 ref. <8-12<) (Anti-HBcTotal positive) (HBeAg negative) (Anti-HBe positive) (ALAT 32 ref. 9.0-52.0) (AspAT 29 ref. 14.0-36.0)

Thank you very much for everything that you are doing for us. You are a great help endeed.


I suspect that you have achieved HBV "seroconversion" which means that your e antigen converted to e antibody and that you are an "inactive carrier"

I suspect that because your liver function tests are completely normal.

I would simply check a HBV DNA to be certain that there is no or little virus in your blood.

As for the pain, see your physician - I don't think it is related to your liver.

Dr. McGovern

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