Hello, I know this is not a site that recommends Dr. Let me explain currently I have one of the best HIV specialists in the world (Dr. Edwin Dejesus). However, due to his busy schedule I arrive to my appointments only to find out that the Nurse Practitioner is handling my visit for that call. Im not at all satisfied with this arrangement. When I make an appointment with Dr. Dejesus, I expect to see Dr. Dejesus. NO EXCEPTIONS! Can anyone suggest anyone else in the Orlando, FL Area who might be as good as Dr. Dejesus and deals with gay mens health issues with the level of expertise that Dr. Dejesus does? I keep my appointments, and do everything I am expected to do, but I did not choose the Nurse Practitioner, I chose to have Dr. Dejesus handle my case. Thank you.


Sorry for your disappointment.

I think this is a matter of expectations; you'd be hard pressed to find another HIV doctor in Orlando or this country for that matter who has the overall qualities of our colleague, Dr. DeJesus. As you point out, many of us have to travel extensively for other professional obligations; like Dr. DeJesus, I rely on hand-picked NPs or PAs to take care of my patients in my absence. I don't do this lightly, nor do we not care that our patients receive the highest possible care when we're out of the office. It's simply that we can't physically be in the office 7/24.

You should know that many NPs and PAs are very excellent HIV healthcare providers; I'd suggest that you get to know the qualities of the provider based not on their professional degree, but rather the quality of their care. Personally, I'd have no problem seeing a so-called mid-level provider, provided that the issue at hand was not grossly complicated.

If you can't accept any exceptions to this, then you need to express this directly to Dr. DeJesus. I'm sure that he would be happy to offer his best advice for a referral to an alternative local doctor.

Hope this provides some insight.

Be well, BY