Chills and nosebleed


I'm not sure which forum to post this in and I'm not even sure if it's an AIDS-related condition but my partner has had a persistent nosebleed since last night. We've been inserting sterile gauze into his nostrils to stop it but everytime we remove them his nose begins bleeding again. Also, it's 70 degrees where we are and he is freezing. He doesn't want to go to the doc but wants to give it a little time to go away. He's on medications that he has been taking for years with no real side effects but has added meds for high blood pressure and high cholesterol a few weeks ago. Could they be causing the problem? How much longer should I let him avoid going to the doc or ER?


Go to the ER right away. Your partner needs to have his nose packed by a healthcare professional to stop the bleeding and he needs an evaluation for both the chills and why he is bleeding. Good luck!