Chemotherapy and HIV tests


I'm starting treatment for stage III anal cancer. Both my HIV and cancer drs tell me that my immune system will take a hit. But neither clinic is willing to do CD4 and viral load tests beyond my regular quarterly blood work.

My HIV doc says there is a good chance I'll go back into clinical AID's, the virus may become resistant to my current cocktail - they will hopefully "rescue" me after my chemo is complete.

I'm worried about opportunistic infections even carposie. Would it not be prudent to test my CD4 and VL along the way.

I have a feeling it is a cost issue.


I can see the reason for testing more, but your counts will go down and testing more frequently is likely not to change what is being done and will promote more stress for you. The most important thing is to stay on HIV treatment and to start antibiotics to protect you from getting opportunistic infections.