Change Starts With the Man in the Mirror

This world makes me so sad. All I see is destruction and people arguing. We are all one!! We are the human race! The end of times are not here yet (in my belief) and we're already turning on each other. Mother nature is giving us what we have given her -- so much pain that many of us have to drug ourselves not to feel the pain and hurt in our hearts and souls!! No justice, no compassion. I mean a little inspiration of mine that passed at the age of 13, Angels for Talia was being bullied by some evil-ass people who were telling her she just wanted attention!!??? I mean really? This is a child who passed and had a battle with cancer since she was a baby!!! I see envy, greed, people with nothing to eat and others with so much. No empathy! As my lord said, I will not destroy you! You will destroy yourselves. With everything that is going on, I still have hope for the human race. We must realize we need to be together as brothers and sisters. Help each other. Have tolerance and LOVE. And the change starts with me!!! THE MAN IN THE MIRROR.