I been on epivir, viread and stocrin for many years. Never had any side effect on this combo regarding my blood test, but quite a lot side effects from stocrin.

2 months ago I changed from stocrin to the new Tivicay, and all the bad side effect from stocrin vent away.

But because I have been on epivir, viread and stocrin for so many years, I know how my body deal on this combo.

Now im a Little affried after changed from stocrin to Tivicay, because Tivicay is so new and I dont know how my body will react in the long run.

I special think of changing in bodt fat, or loosing fat in the face. I have never had no problem with this kind of problems on my old combo.

Will I be in greater risk of having change in body fat or loosing fat in the face after my swift to Tivicay?

I hope you understand - sometimes people hanging on the combo they are on inspite of bad side effects, because they know how the body react and they know what they got, not what to get....


Hello and thanks for posting.

Dolutegravir (Tivicay, part of Triumeq) is the newest HIV integrase inhibitor. It's been FDA approved in the US for over one year, and is one of a very elite set of medications recommended for first-line use by the US treatment guidelines.

I'd have little concern about switching from efavirenz (Stocrin) to dolutegravir- especially if the switch has already proven to improve the tolerability of your medication regimen, and presumably, your quality of life. We don't believe that the medication is associated with additional risks of lipodystrophy, nor is it associated with increases in heart or bone disease.

I hope that helps. Stay in touch and let our readers know how your doing from time to time after the switch. BY