I have been on Viracept and Truvada for almost 20 years. I am doing fine and have no side effects. I am undedectible for many years. ABS CD3/CD4 is 814. CD#/CD4, Helper T is 65%.....My doctor wants to change me to Complera? Yes or No. What are the pros and cons? Why to change if I am doing fine or I Complera a finer drug? Thanks so much for your consideration and sincere answer. Hans


Hello and thanks for posting.

Wow Viracept. That's a medication that I haven't heard about for a while. It used to be an industry standard, but things have improved.

One pathway is the one you've described- switching to the single tablet regimen Complera. This switch strategy was investigated in the
SPIRIT study that concluded that the switch was safe and improved cholesterols (in people taking related Norvir-boosted protease inhibitors).

If the idea of going to 1 pill/day (with a meal) is attractive, I'd see no reason why the switch wouldn't work for you. Even in the rare chance that it didn't, you could simply switch back.

I hope that helps and have a happy and healthy new year. BY