what are the chances of infecting the anus with vaginal warts?


Can Vaginal warts infect the anus or can anal warts infect the vagina? In other words, is there a difference between anal and vaginal warts other than the locations in body? Say one has vaginal warts, is there a chance of infecting the the anus while bathing? Thanks for your time. JJ


Genital warts can indeed spread from the anal area to the vaginal and penile areas in women and men respectively. Although I doubt they would spread during a bath, they can spread from skin contact (e.g. if you touch warts in one area and then touch another area). Also, I'm sorry to say, they can spread from one area to another, even if you do NOT have contact with the warts. How does this happen? Warts are caused by an HPV (human papilloma virus) infection. If you have warts in one area, then the cells in entire genital area may be HPV infected. Once the cells in the genital area are infected, warts can pop up in different locations. What's my advice? If you have any warts, then get them removed. This doesn't guarantee anything, but it will decrease the chance of spread.